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  • 公司简介-Bengbu AMS Toy Co., Ltd-
  • 公司简介-Bengbu AMS Toy Co., Ltd-
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  The Bengbu AMS Toy Co., Ltd established in 2002 (the previous name is KunshanSIBOBO Toy Co.Ltd,changed the name from 2014) and located at 25 Kaiyuan Road, Mohekou Industry Zone,Huaishang District,Bengbu City,Anhui Province.
  We are specialist in manufacturing all kinds of plush toys and stuffed toys.The company has complete production management and quality control.And also we have different Audit certificates like SMETA,QIMA,NBCU.Further more,we have the advanced sets of  production equipment and inspection equipment. Based on our continuously efforts and the cumulative experiences,our customer is steadily growing. Our products mainly export abroad such as America, Europe,Middle East, Asia etc.The annual production value is about thirteen million USD.
  We have 280 employees, and among them, there are many excellent experienced designers and technicians. So our company has a very strong developing and producing capability to support the customer needs.
  Moreover, our research and development team is constantly designing new products in order to meet different market demands.The OEM projects are also one of our main businesses.We also welcome customized designs from new and old customers.