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  • How to identify the quality of plush toys-News Center-Bengbu AMS Toy Co., Ltd-
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How to identify the quality of plush toys

  How to identify the quality of plush toys? Plush toys should be how to identify the quality, this is undoubtedly the most important consideration for the purchase of plush doll friends. Because the plush toys are directly Pro skin products, health and safety standards are higher. Below with a small series to see, how to identify the quality of plush toys, the method of it!
  How to identify plush toys? See from the following four aspects.
  1, appearance
  Appearance in general will be able to explain the basic problem of a toy, whether it is fine, the shape is beautiful, the gap is qualified. Modeling of large manufacturers will be in the plush toy design under the great Kung Fu, and small factories will only imitate others, often using less material, and the workmanship quality rough, made out of plush toys too horrible to look at. Therefore, the selection of plush toys can not only look at the size and price. You will find in the toy wholesale market, the same store will have a number of ten kinds of plush dog, the same is 30CM, the price ranging from 10 yuan to 50 yuan. Because the use of better materials, processing more details, the work done more fine, need to invest more human resources.
  2, feel
  Appearance is just preliminary impression, businesses in order to sell toys will generally work in the appearance of timber, but the real content of the filler, this can only be achieved by touch, they can put his face feeling, more expensive plush soft and comfortable, and cheap will only then short the wool fabric, feel is hard, sometimes feel firm sense. The difference of the internal filling material, the feeling of the pinch, the rebound ability of the toy, the average degree of the filling material and the pollution degree of the filling material after washing are different to the toy itself.
  3, filling material
  The filling material is the key to really test the plush doll. Now good plush toys on the market the main use of the filler according to the price from low to high with foam, sponge, Peng collodion, PP cotton San Weimian, polypropylene (PP) vacuum three-dimensional vacuum cotton, cotton, to which a mix of the two. The high quality for PP vacuum PP cotton, cotton. In general, doll packaging, have identified the material composition, my heart can measure a.
  4, price brand
  Although it is not said to the more famous, more expensive things is a good thing, but these little toys are a sub penny goods, the basic cost transparency, positive materials prices slightly more expensive; big brands to channel quality assurance more stringent, itself is a very valued reputation. So for the sake of the safety of children, not blindly to save money.
  Children are our future will make us happy, but to accompany healthy children grow up healthy and strong, more we need to carefully with loving care and affection with intellectual culture.

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