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  • Everyone loves to keep washing plush toys "Kawai"-News Center-Bengbu AMS Toy Co., Ltd-
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Everyone loves to keep washing plush toys "Kawai"

  Not only the shape is lovely, but also the soft plush is very comfortable, it is one of the most popular toys for children and young people. Plush toys, although lovely, touch a long time, will become dirty. For plush toys, cleaning is a major problem faced by many people. The method is not right, not only clean, but also cause the damage of plush toys. Today, the author through the search ROM, for everyone to introduce some methods of cleaning plush toys, hope your toys more "wow".
  A dry cleaning, preparation of materials: salt, large plastic bag. Methods: the coarse salt and dirty plush toys together into a big plastic bag, then the truss pocket shook, plush toys, coarse salt and the surface of full contact. You will find the white salt gradually became black, and plush toys will become much cleaner.
  Two, water washing: preparation of materials: detergent, water, washing machine hand washing methods: small toys can be washed with water directly. The detergent directly dissolved in water, soft plush toys dirty parts. Or use a soft sponge, wipe the surface of the washing water, wipe clean and then wipe it again with water.
  Three, machine method: small toys can be the first to wear parts of the fear of wear and tear, into the washing machine, the choice of soft washing method. After washing, drying, hanging in a cool dry, and intermittent tap the toy, so that their fur, stuffed fluffy, soft.
  Tip: toy can find filled sewing mouth, remove the filler Jing Guanmian. Same with tape to afraid of wear parts of glue, put the toy epidermis into the washing machine in soft wash, drying, hanging shade dry through. Then fill in the toy skin, plastic, stitch. Not too good for some parts of dry, can use a hair dryer to dry up properly.

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